Guitar gadgets | February 2020

Featured of the month

boss dd 3t delay

Boss DD-3T Delay Effects Pedal

This is undoubtedly the best pedal you can find to create delay effects of up to 6.4 seconds. It includes 40 seconds looper function.

irig iphone ipad

Connection iPad / iPhone cable

40 cm (15.75 inch) TRRS cable to connect any headphone jack with an iOS device microphone.

The 8 pedal types

compresor boss c3

Compressor Boss CS-3

With a compressor you will reduce the dynamic range. That is, the differences in volume between the highest and lowest peaks. Thus, the compressor will increase the volume of weak notes and lower the strong ones. It greatly improves live sound.

overdrive friedman

Overdrive Friedman BE-OD

The Overdrive creates a soft distortion by masking the sound. Ideal and clean for solo, it mimics the classic distortion of a valve amplifier. The Overdrive usually has at least three types of controls:  tone, gain and output level.

modulador chorus guitarra

Modulator MXR Stereo Chorus

With a modulation pedal you can modulate the frequency of the tones. With Chorus for the effect of several guitars, phaser for signal scanning, and Flanger, which becomes an intermediate point between the first two.

ecualizador mxr guitarra pedales

Ecualizer MXR EQ

The equalizer pedal allows you to process audio signals. With it you can modify the intensity of all tones. In this way you can reinforce one or another frequency band to your liking, or better adjust the sound of the amplifier.

booster flat boost

Booster Vox Flat-4

With a Booster pedal you will be able to raise the sound decibels. The Booster does not make up the sound like an Overdrive does. What it does is saturate the valves or increase the presence. Vox Flat-4 is a full-range valve booster.

distorsion dunlop

Distorsion Dunlop M-104 mxr

A distortion pedal is for those who need a lot of gain, live strength and powerful sound. These types of pedals work much better with transistor amplifiers than valves. In those of valves they usually sound somewhat strident.

boss dd 3t delay

Boss DD-3T Delay Effects Pedal

This is undoubtedly the best pedal you can find to create delay effects of up to 6.4 seconds. It includes 40 seconds looper function. The Boss DD-3T model is our highlight of the month of February.

boss dd 3t delay

Noise suppressor NS-2

Noise suppression is the best way to get rid of the electrical disturbances of the signal that your guitar sends to the amplifiers. This way we can clean interference and sound cleaner, if we want to.

The 3 amplifier types

amplificador transistores


They are usually the cheapest and those with the lowest maintenance costs. Transistors use solid state technology to function. At the same time, they are lighter and can usually connect to the computer and have presets. As a defect, you will get less power and less quality.

Our choice: Fender Mustang I V2

Twelve inches, 20 W and possibility of connection to the computer to edit and record presets. Best price.

fender mustang
vt40 vox amplificador


Hybrid amplifiers mix valve technology with transistor technology: they are at an ideal midpoint. They look for the natural and warm tone of the valves and, at the same time, seek to reduce the costs and maintenance problems associated with valve amplifiers. 

Our choice: Vox Vt40x

40 W that combine a new and sophisticated modeling technology together with a previous multi-stage valve.

vt40 vox amplificador
amplificadores valvulas


Valve amplifiers work with vacuum tubes (valves or bulbs). They tend to be more resistant when we increase the volume. They allow to give more cane. At the same time, they offer higher quality than transistor amplifiers. In saturated and distorted sounds, but also in clean sounds.

Our choice: Fender Blues Junior III

30 W of power (equivalent to about 70 of a transistor ampli). Pure sound power and Fender quality.

fender blues junior 3

Tuning & tempo

afinador polytune 3

Tuner PolyTune 3

This tuner allows polyphonic tuning of all strings at once. The lightning-fast system offers 0.5% accuracy in chromatic tuning. True Bypass / True Buffer selectable.

martisan metrónomo

Metronome Martisan

Classic and noble design and mechanical structure. The Martisan metronome offers a 40-208 bpm tempo range. Also a rhythm selection of 0, 2, 3, 4, 6 to fit all kinds of instruments.

cejilla guitarra

Guitar nut

Built with aluminum alloy that complies with the RoHS standard, this lightweight nut is easy to operate and very comfortable for the guitarist: it does not cause hum and has silicone pads to avoid scratches on the guitar.

Accesories Pro

iloud altavoz

Iloud | Bluetooth speaker

Iloud is one of our amp models - bluetooth speaker for guitar. Ideal for testing, to compose, to carry up and down without cables and with 40w of power.

irig iphone ipad

Connection cable iPad / iPhone

40 cm (15.75 inch) TRRS cable to connect any headphone jack with an iOS device microphone.

epiphone caja guitarra

Epiphone J-200/L-5 Caja rígida

With a rigid and sturdy nickel outer shell, this magnificent rigid case is exceptional for carrying Epiphone Jumbo Style acoustic guitars. Padded interior with accessory compartment.

Guitarist Basics

puas guitarra


Find an assortment of the best and most diverse spikes in the online market. Infinite variety. One can end up becoming a collector.

correa guitarra


Find comfortable and well designed fastening straps for your guitar. Will you choose a simple and effective design or something more exotic?

cuerdas daddario

D'addario Strings

Find the best strings for Spanish, acoustic and electric guitar in D'addario's marketplace. First level ropes at a good price.